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Looking back now it seems ridiculous that I was ever worried about the size of my penis, but there you have it. Probably just about every man alive has wished he had a bigger penis at some time or other, in the same way that a lot of girls probably wish they had bigger breasts.

There is an awful lot of secrecy, misinformation and exageration around the issue of penis size. The widely accepted 'average' is 6 inches (15cm) but the Kinsey Report quotes more realistically that anything from 5 to 7 inches is average.

The fact is penis size is pretty unimportant to most women. Ask a woman and she will probably care far more about how good you are at kissing, caressing and other techniques of foreplay and love making than how big your dong is.




At 18cm (7.1") fully erect, my penis is above average length according to most surveys (or at the upper end of average).

The standard way to measure you penis is standing or kneeling, as fully erect as possible, point your penis straight ahead, parallel with the floor and measure along the top from against the pubic bone to the tip. Take care to use a ruler/tape for which zero is at the end.

Arguably more important than length is circumference, for which I measure in at just over 14cm around the thickest section of the shaft (around 8 or 9cm from the base in me). This value is about average for girth.





Surveys reveal that erect penis size fits a classic bell curve distribution. This means that most men fall somewhere in the middle range (average) with progressively less and less at the extremes (very big and very small).

Bell curve distribution for penis size (example only)


Being about average girth means that I've never slept with a girl and had her complain that it was TOO big. Men with very large, thick penises may encounter women for whom accommodating their penis is uncomfortable or even downright painful. This is especially true when sex is hurried and the woman is not fully aroused before attempting intercourse.

Having said this, some girls are tighter than others and in the past I have had girls complain of some pain. However, taking it slowly, paying attention to all her erogenous zones, performing oral sex on her and waiting for her to be fully aroused has always made penetration go smoothly and easily.

Personally I prefer not to use artificial lubricants. If my partners vagina isn't wet enough to make sex easy and enjoyable perhaps she's not really in the mood? We use the contraceptive pill at the moment and don't use condoms, so my pre-cum and her vaginal wetness combined is mosty more than adequate. If things are a bit tight down below a little saliva is usually all that's required to get things started.

If using condoms I DO recommend a good water based lubricant.







Further reading

Ansell penis size survey

From March 11 to 17, 2001 a total 401 males over the age of 18 were measured, one at a time, by qualified medical staff (protected by Ansell Medi-Touch gloves) in private tents at the Dady Rock nightclub in Cancun, Mexico. Of the 401 men, 300 were able to gain an erection for measurement - a success rate of only 75%.

The average erect penis length was 5.877 inches (14.928cm).
Standard deviation was 0.825 inches (2.096cm) with 54% of the effective sample measuring between 5.5 inches (14cm) and 6.3 inches (16cm).

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