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Masturbate Like a Pro!
You can use these tools to help you masturbate and cum to extraordinary orgasms.



Lets face it, almost all of us do it, and it's probably more important to more people than they'd like to admit. Masturbation is a regular part of nearly all men's and a lot of women's sex lives. My girlfriend and I both masturbate, alone and sometimes together. It's a natural and purely selfish act of self indulgence. It does nobody any harm and most experts agree it is actually beneficial to health and mental well being.

As far as I can remember I first discovered masturbation when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I remember telling my cousin about it and he hadn't made the same discovery himself at that stage. Needless to say he thanked me for the revelation.



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My 4 favorite masturbation techniques

What follows are descriptions of the methods I genuinely use on a regular basis, which feel sexy and natural and are easy to enjoy.

Basic full grip - without lubricant

This is probably the most common masturbation technique used by men everywhere. When I use this method I position my thumb and forefinger around the 'neck' below my glans with the foreskin covering all or part of the glans and the rest of my fingers wrap around the shaft to about half way down. The action is basic pumping, the full length of the penis with a squeeze on each up stroke compressing the rim of the glans and glans themselves. Men who are circumcised will either avoid the glans and shift the whole action further down the shaft or althernatively 'dry rub' the glans themselves.

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Basic full grip - with lubricant (natural or synthetic)

This method is much like above but the hand makes a kind of tunnel or substitute vagina for the penis to slide in and out of giving all over contact and pressure on the sensitive glans and neck and shaft of the penis. By adjusting the pessure with which you squeeze your penis you can adjust the intensity of the pleasure. If I was attempting the break the world speed record for masturbation to orgasm this is probably the method I'd choose.

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Thumb and forefinger squeeze - with or without lubricant

This is my favorite method and the one I use the most. The forefinger and the thumb are parallel to each other above and below the glans penis and the middle finger is curled in so that the first knuckle makes contact with the side of the penis. Masturbation preceeds with a firm tugging action, the thumb glides back and forth over the rim of the corona of the glans and the forefinger caresses the sensitive frenulum area.

Without lubricant it's similar but I grip my foreskin over my glans and squeeze as I tug it.

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My girlfriend has a vibrating massager which she bought for her own sexual pleasure. We have found that it works very nicely on me as well as her. I rarely use the vibrator on my own, more often she uses it on me. Starting with plenty of lubricant and a firm hold around the shaft with one hand she uses the other hand to glide the head of the massager up and down the underside of my penis. She concentrates on the glans and up to include the tip of the glans. As I get harder and more responsive she presses it harder and harder into the head of my penis. Pushing the vibrator very firmly into the end of my penis sends vibrations right down the length of it into my testicles and causes me to orgasm quickly and intensely.

Then it's her turn . . .

video coming soon


A word on lubricants

Water based sexual lubricants - Pretty good, we do use it occasionally with vibrators, dildos and other sex toys.

Olive oil - you might think this sounds weird but it's the BEST! Olive oil is easily my favourite lube for masturbation. Addition of a tiny amount of deep heat can add an extra dimention, but be careful, not too much!

Precum - The most common lube I use, because it comes naturally! Easily better than the water based lubes, but not as sexy as oil.



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