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Exhibitionist Post (and Public Masturbation)
A free documentary for people who experienced an exhibitionist or are one themselves. This particular study was started to determine if a certain type exhibitionism could be considered healthy sexuality.


It never worried me much, but quite often when I masturbate to orgasm the semen kind of flows out of the end of my penis rather than squirting out with any force. Since I started masturbating at the age of about 13 I was doing it pretty regularly, an average of once a day, every day, so it was no wonder my poor glands couldn't keep up with the demand.

My first contact with pornography unfortunately made me aware of this fact, as the men in the video seemed to shoot huge thick shots of semen with great force. Just when I was getting comfortable with being uncircumcised and no longer worried that I was too small I found something else to worry about.

Oddly, even though I did sometimes shoot big loads of cum, two or three feet or even more, because this was the exception rather than the norm I was paranoid that I was abnormal or even infertile.

The fact is ejaculatory volume varies considerably between individuals and between ejaculatory events in the same individual. The volume of my ejaculate is well within the normal range documented by sex surveys, anything from 2ml to 10ml, with about 5ml being average.

Ejaculation movies

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One of the most memorable ejaculations I can recall was a time before my girlfriend and I were living together. We spent a whole day flirting and petting, visited some sex shops and bought a French X rated video. She was house sitting for a quite wealthy uncle and his family who were away on holiday, so we went back to the house and watched this very rude film in these peoples lounge on their huge TV. Needless to say we were incredibly horny and took ourselves into the master bedroom for an incredible session of fucking. After she had an orgasm I was about to climax myself when she asked me to cum on her tits so she could see it. I entertained her idea and a few strokes of my throbbing penis was all it took. To both of our surprise the first emission of semen burst forth, right across her body and past her in a big thick white rope, all over her uncle's expensive sheets! The second spurt was hardly less forceful and landed beside the first, by which time my girlfriend had sat herself up to catch the cum on her body and protect the bedclothes! Another squirt landed on her breasts and stomach and after the shock we both erupted into fits of laughter. What on earth could we do about the MESS on their beautiful sheets? We threw the whole lot in the wash right then and there and luckily it didn't stain.
  I have found that abstaining from orgasm whilst keeping sexual arousal levels high for as long as possible increases ejaculatory volume and force markedly. Sometimes when I have a day to myself with nothing pressing I like to see how much semen I can produce. I keep myself aroused for hours looking at erotica, reading erotic stories or chatting about sex on the internet then I masturbate slowly, coming close to orgasm then backing off and building up again, taking my time until I can't stand it and have to let myself climax.  
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